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    Its Clinton
    Posted 11/22/2015 by Rants

    Campaigns and candidates have only so much they can control – their message and the medium they use to deliver it, their time and how they spend it, the attacks they choose to engage in and the responses they give.  But there are two things they can’t control – the calendars steady march toward election day – and what happens in the rest of the world. 


    Those later two factors have sealed the fate of Bernie Sanders’ presidential aspirations. 


    Sanders’ road became more uphill after Vice President Biden’s decision not to run.  But the terrorist attacks on France and Russia have moved the national debate to foreign policy.  Sanders campaign message, what he can control, has been built on activating a progressive and populist movement around economic inequality and climate change.  He said in the first Democrat debate that he sought to lead a political “revolution.”  That’s all well and good when people feel safe in their homes.  Calling for a revolution when bombs are going off and people are being gunned down – not so much.  Events in the world – such as an upswing in terrorist activities – is beyond a campaign’s ability to control and making matters worse there isn’t much time before the voting starts to shift the focus back to domestic policy.


    Mrs. Clinton already had a polling advantage before the tragic events in Paris.  The RealClear Politics polling average showed Clinton leading Sanders by 24 points in Iowa.  Twenty-four points.  More importantly she leads with a solid majority (55%, 57%, 57%) in the last three polls averaged.  Unlike eight years ago, Clinton knows she must, must, must win Iowa.  If she does, the race is over.

    To read the full article that appeared in the DesMoines Register click the link above.
    Its a Trap!
    Posted 10/25/2015 by Rants

    “It’s a trap”


    That line uttered by Admiral Ackbar in the film the Return of the Jedi spawned (pun intended for you Star Wars fanz) countless youtube parodies and became a widespread meme in our culture.   After every television news story about Congressman Paul Ryan running for Speaker of the House, I long for the network to cut away to a three second video of Admiral Ackbar’s declaration…


    “It’s a trap.”


    As of this writing, the Wisconsin wunderkind of the Republican Party has just returned to capitol hill to fill the role of the reluctant candidate for Speaker of the House, with the stipulation that he will only do so if the party unifies behind him.  Barring a last minute plot twist, akin to “Luke, I am your father,” the election for Speaker should happen this week. 


    “It’s a trap.”

    To read the full column that appeared in the DesMoines Register please click the link above
    Year of the Outsider
    Posted 10/11/2015 by Rants

    While waiting for my yoga class to start (no Oms yet) a political argument broke out.  No, it wasn’t the Clintonites trikonasana’ing the Bernie backers.  Rather it was the lone Trump supporter in the room refuting every objection thrown her way.  


    I know that is a lot to process there, not the least of which may be visualizing me in a yoga class, let alone enough Republicans to carry on both sides of an argument.  But we are there, and I was surprised too – about the Trump supporter, not about the Republicans.  


    My friend is a regular Xena the Warrior Princess, but more buff.  A hard core conservative who delights in shocking me each week with some new right wing home made bumper sticker.  She is just as likely to post on Facebook a picture of her blown away paper target from the gun range as she is a picture of her kids doing something silly.  And she’s a Trump supporter.  


    No matter what position of Trump’s I shared with her, she knocked it to the ground like me coming out of a chakrasana pose – quickly and without much grace.   His support for universal health care, the Wall Street bailout, higher taxes, even Hillary Clinton – didn’t matter.  The chief selling point for her is that he is not a politician.  When I kept harping on the flip-flops, she pointed out he is no worse than any other elected politician.  Bottom line for her, the politicians – no matter if they are a Governor or a Senator – have had their chance and have failed us. “We need someone who doesn’t answer to anyone.”

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    Give the Guy a Chance
    Posted 9/20/2015 by Rants

    As I send my daughters off to college, I can’t help but wonder if their professors will issue them their grade for the term on their first day of class based upon how they dress, comments they make, or where they choose to sit in the class room?  Or will their professor wait until they hand in a few assignments and take a test or two before they pass judgment on them?


    No-confidence votes by the University of Iowa faculty, as well as that of Iowa State University and University of Northern Iowa chapters of American Association of University Professors will welcome the new U of I President Bruce Harreld on his first day.  Harreld’s offense – he’s not an academic but comes out of the business world. 


    Listening to the hue and outcry from the faculty, one would think the Board of Regents had broken new ground, or done something unthinkable for a university by inviting into its hallowed halls such an interloper. 


    To read the full column that appeared in the DesMoines Register click the link above
    Why Is the GOP Letting the Media Pick?
    Posted 8/30/2015 by Rants

    Why are Republicans letting CNN pick our Presidential nominee?  Fox I might understand, but CNN?


    Confused? Not a surprise.  Most in the GOP don’t realize what is happening – except those in the highest level of the establishment in Washington DC.  Us folks out in the cornfields, well, we’re just going about our regular lives blissfully unaware how the game, I mean nomination process, is being taken away from us. 


    It used to be that Iowa played a prominent role in selecting the next President.  But a lot of folks have been working hard over the years to take that away from us.  Too midwestern, too conservative, too white, too -  pick whatever adjective describes a non-Iowan, like maybe hard working or thoughtful.  A number of states have tried to leapfrog us and our friends in New Hampshire, yet we have staved off those attacks.   Now the “we can’t let Iowa decide” crowd has a new method.  If they can’t leapfrog us, they will decide which candidates we may choose from.


    Case in point – the move by the Republican National Committee and the major television networks to decide on their own which candidates we will be able to watch debate in prime time.  By ignoring candidates’ standings in Iowa and New Hampshire they are moving us toward a national primary, thereby negating our role in the nominating process.   

    TO read the full column that appeared in the DesMoines Register click the link above
    Future Republican Majorities
    Posted 8/2/2015 by Rants

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